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Diets for Elderly

Diets for Elderly

Normally, diets for elderly include foods that can boost the immune system, enhance mental and emotional astuteness. They also should eat foods that can boost their energy levels. Diets for elderly people should feed the mind, body and soul. Good nutrition, not only for elderly helps the organs, muscles tissues and bones stronger. A healthy diet can prevent heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and anemia from occurring. You will consume lesser calorie intake and unhealthy fats because of the healthy diet you eat. Foods that are rich omega 3 helps decrease the risk of having Alzheimer’s disease.  Some of the foods that are high in omega 3 are nuts, vegetables, fish and fruits. Your body will improve and you will look and feel better if you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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In diets for elderly, calorie intake should be monitored daily or they should have the right amount of calories per day. For women who are above 50 and have a sedentary lifestyle, they need to consume 1600 calories per day. If they somewhat have an active lifestyle, they should consume 1800 calories daily and for active women, they need 2000 calories per day. For men over 60 and have a sedentary lifestyle, they need to have 2000 calories every day. For somewhat physically active men, they should have 2200 – 2400 calories daily and for very active men, they need about 2400 – 2800 calories per day. An elderly should drink enough water because they are prone to get dehydrated. As we grow older, our body losses some of its ability to know when we are thirsty so it is best to be reminded to drinks water every hour.

Avoid watching too much television instead engage yourself in any physical activity recommended by your physician. Decrease your sodium intake to prevent hypertension and kidney problems. If possible, cook your own meal by steaming your vegetables instead of cooking them with oil. In this way, elderly can avoid eating with too much unhealthy oil in their foods. Diets for elderly can become affected by the lifestyle changes that can cause them to become depressed or lonely. It is better to have a positive outlook in life to maintain a healthy mind and body.

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