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How to Have a Healthy Heart

How to have a healthy heart

For you to have a healthy heart, you need to have a proper and healthy diet. The heart is important because it helps the blood to be distributed to different parts of the body. It supplies oxygenated blood to the body and if the heart functions improperly, it can result in a lot of problems. Our heart is affected with the foods that we eat every day. So it is a prerequisite to eat fresh fruits and vegetables to keep the heart pumping normally. Salmon contains omega 3 which is good for the heart. Including it in your daily serving will also help the heart. Most of us do not know this but dark chocolate is good for the heart which means that if you are a chocolate lover, choose dark chocolate instead. It is also healthy to drink soy milk as this also help the heart become healthy.

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Avoid eating unhealthy foods and avoid smoking as well to keep a healthy heart. Smoking hardens the walls of the vessels making it heart for the heart to distribute blood. Drinking at least a glass of red wine daily is recommended to prevent blood clotting and to prevent plaque formation on the heart. Another way to have a healthy heart is to exercise it. Cardiovascular exercises are best to strengthen the heart and improve blood circulation in the body. In this exercise, it can also improve muscle tone and strengthen the bones. You can do aerobic exercises if you are more into dancing. As long as your body can tolerate these exercises, you can do it every day.

Before starting any exercise, visit your doctor for you to know if your body can tolerate the exercise program you want. There are people who are not allowed to lift heavy equipment which means that they are not allowed to enroll in an exercise program that involves lifting. Any physical exercise as long as it is recommended by your doctor and your body can handle it can still help you have a healthy heart. But before the exercise properly, perform stretching first to warm up your muscles to prevent delayed onset muscle syndrome (DOMS).

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